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Does anyone have good reference for what the interior of the OT hero X-Wing helmets looked like? I have been looking at some of my replica helmets and have a feeling the earpads are too thick. Some shots on Original Rebel Pilot Helmets show what appear to be earpads but they aren't very visible along the side of the actor's face. http://www.starwarshelmets.com/sepdec06/ScreenANHLukeX02.jpg is a good example. It looks like the earpad doesn't protrude much beyond the edge of the helmet.

The below photo shows a Denuo Novo (Blue Leader) helmet and an RS Prop Masters (Dak) helmet on a helmet stand and a mannequin head. The mannequin head is a little smaller than an average adult male head. It was pretty difficult to squeeze the RS helmet onto the mannequin head. The width of the RS helmet expands when on the mannequin head. The RS helmet is very tight when I put it on my head. It is actually uncomfortable to wear. The Denuo Novo helmet is a little tight on the mannequin head, but doesn't need to expand nearly as much.

I highly doubt the screen used helmets were as tight as the RS helmet. It could be that the helmet is the right size, but the earpads are too thick or the liner prevents the earpads from getting deeper into the side of the helmet.

When it comes to OT type, I think what most people call ear cups or ear pads are more just a type of padding or liner that isn’t mentioned to fit direct against the face although it seems to have sections cut out for better fit around the ear or maybe to allow better hearing on set. I think in some cases where you might see some hint of an ear pad, it’s simply the liner protruding outward. And usually when you do see something, it tends to be below the ear. As you said, you don’t really see it. I believe if it was an actual ear pad/cup, you would see it better in scenes.

I also think you tend to only have shells in most The Empire Strikes Back helmets because they were only held for the briefing and/or they wore the cloth padded cap underneath.

I also think the brief scene in Return of the Jedi when Luke is l chatting on the radio with Han… no mic the way… the padding is new and different . Once again this does not seem to be restricted to the ear but the whole side of the face. This looks to have a more secure fit that I think we tend to relate to in the prop replicas.

As the helmet appears in sequels and R1, and streaming series, there are different takes on the liner. In fact, I have it on good authority the black series helmet will make an appearance.
I have heard the RS used a size Medium APH helmet as their base, whereas the OT used size Large. Don't know myself.
I wonder how RS created the front part of the left/right shells that is not present on the TIE helmet. That part is trimmed off the TIE helmet.

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