X-Men Storm Costume, Steampunk Ororo Munroe


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Here are a few images of the first version of my Steampunk Storm costume!! I was inspired by Greg Land's version of Storm, and just free styled my own alterations and additions. I've only seen two other Steampunkish Storms, and they hare wearring gowns. I wanted my suit to be a bit different, I have dreadlocks, so I wanted Storm to have white ones, with some, black and red locks streaked in. I wanted my costume to be more militant and less lady-like. She has a bit of a Steampunk bellydancer look mixed in there too. I wore this suit to Comic Con San Diego 2011. 1st try, what do you think?
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If this costume was actually inspired by Greg Land then I might have to forgive him for tracing all that porn, because this is outstanding! Great idea, great execution. Thanks for sharing.