X-FILES Badges, TV Series and 2008 movie


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Hello, I'm new here, I'm from Greece (so don't be too cruel with my writing style, please) and an old X-Phile. I was allways interested in the FBI badges used in the show, and I was always searching for a perfect high-resolution set with the wallet-ID and the clip-on-ID that would be EXACTLY as in THE X-FILES, so I could print it and create my own badge. (I'm not selling anything, I'm just a fan.)

I found here some very good work. I believe that the trickiest part is the border around the wallet ID. I'm posting here an amazing version by member pauljones33 (http://www.therpf.com/f9/x-files-walllet-91365/index2.html) and I'm wondering if there is a better-definition version.

I'm also interested in the new style clip-on IDs shown on the latest movie, THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE (2008), where we were shown clip-on IDs and no wallet badges. I myself created two badges for Mulder and Scully, based on a Dakota Whitney one that I found. I'm not very excited about it, so if anyone could do sth better it would be great. It is really a simplest ID, the trickiest thing is to find the specific eagle-logo. I even tried to make a watermark.

I would also love to find some good ID photos for Mulder, Scully, and other regular cast, especially the photos used in their badges.

I'm posting the perfect version of pauljones33, two photos of agent Dakota Whitney's ID and my own attempt.

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Edited this in illustrator quickly for you, should be close enough, let me know if you want it bigger on the vector image for it.
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A much closer version except for the leaf, I had a eagle seal version on my computer that I could modify and the font might be News7101 BT:


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Heres a scan of a real series (3rd season) clip on ID badge to go with the wallet cred set I posted up a while back G. Enjoy mate!


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I wonder if anyone would like to share good quality photos used for the X-Files FBI IDs.
Most interesting would be Mulder's and Scully's as shown only in the opening sequence (seasons 1-7) and not used during the actual episodes.
Also, very very welcome would be id pics of Skinner, Krycek, Doggett, Reyes, and why not, anyone else if available (not yourself, fellow X-phile!)...
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