the x-files

  1. J

    X-Files : The Game Case File Replica

    X-Files is one of my favorite TV Show from the 90's even if i don't like the end of it. But a thing i really enjoy when i was younger is the first video Game, simply title X-Files : The Game. I recently moved my desk to a new room and setup a new workbench. I was looking for a props to recreate...
  2. DB537

    'Morley' Cigarette Pack Props from the Original Maker - MAY 2022 PRE-ORDER

    I'm getting ready to put together a new prop order from Earl Hays Press. If there is any interest, I am going to get some of these 'Morley' prop cigarette packs as seen in many films and TV shows, such as The X-Files, The Twilight Zone, and Mission: Impossible. EHP is the original maker of these...
  3. Obie71

    The X-Files Scully’s address in Season 11. Robo Ex Label

    My first attempt at a screen accurate prop please go easy on me lol If you can use it or add it to your collection enjoy! Scully’s address in Season 11. Robo Ex Label.
  4. Cleanmonk

    I Want To Believe poster

    Recently I recreated both versions of The I Want To Believe posters from The X-Files: The original poster from the earlier seasons, and the one they used for the later seasons. I figured I would post them here, due to how Iconic the posters are, and there are not really High res versions of...
  5. lharles

    Our credentials from "The X-Files" {TV} [1993]...

    I actually made a set of these early on in our prop replicating journey...but was never really satisfied with anything other than the metallic badges. {I did use one of the versions of the paper/laminated badges from either our paper props forum here or somewhere else on the web though - can't...
  6. GiorgosZ

    X-FILES Badges, TV Series and 2008 movie

    Hello, I'm new here, I'm from Greece (so don't be too cruel with my writing style, please) and an old X-Phile. I was allways interested in the FBI badges used in the show, and I was always searching for a perfect high-resolution set with the wallet-ID and the clip-on-ID that would be EXACTLY as...
  7. S

    X-Files screen used jacket

    used in the 3rd season episode "Syzygy"
  8. sctcarts

    Prop show off - screen used x-files badge - finally!

    So, for me, the holy grail of props has been the X-Files wallet/badge. I've been pulling together research on the thing since 2001, when I got "re-addicted" to the show. I did replicas, sculpted multiple tries at the badge, tried my best to get close to the real thing, but it was always just a...