the x-files

  1. C

    I Want To Believe poster

    Recently I recreated both versions of The I Want To Believe posters from The X-Files: The original poster from the earlier seasons, and the one they used for the later seasons. I figured I would post them here, due to how Iconic the posters are, and there are not really High res versions of...
  2. lharles

    Our credentials from "The X-Files" {TV} [1993]...

    I actually made a set of these early on in our prop replicating journey...but was never really satisfied with anything other than the metallic badges. {I did use one of the versions of the paper/laminated badges from either our paper props forum here or somewhere else on the web though - can't...

    X-FILES Badges, TV Series and 2008 movie

    Hello, I'm new here, I'm from Greece (so don't be too cruel with my writing style, please) and an old X-Phile. I was allways interested in the FBI badges used in the show, and I was always searching for a perfect high-resolution set with the wallet-ID and the clip-on-ID that would be EXACTLY as...
  4. S

    X-Files screen used jacket

    used in the 3rd season episode "Syzygy"
  5. sctcarts

    Prop show off - screen used x-files badge - finally!

    So, for me, the holy grail of props has been the X-Files wallet/badge. I've been pulling together research on the thing since 2001, when I got "re-addicted" to the show. I did replicas, sculpted multiple tries at the badge, tried my best to get close to the real thing, but it was always just a...