WIP: Vampire Hunter D: armor/suit advice needed


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Hey guys, I'm mostly a soft costumer but I do a little minor modding and some resin and casting work and a little foam armor work.

I'd like to learn more about other techniques for doing armor to attach to a suit. I'm curious, since you guys do a lot of armor suits and batman-style suits, what you would recommend me to consider. I'm talking about things like bicep-musculature-looking armor... or calf-peices, or abdominal musculature armor,... that sort of thing. I'd love to learn some new methods if they're within my means, but I'm not sure what direction to look in.

I'm slowly working on a Vampire Hunter D Amano-style outfit.

SIDENOTE: I'm a girl. :p :) I'd love some advice on making this costume WORK for me even though I'm relatively hippy. I'm hoping that perhaps the armor and cape, etc, will help with the overall look, though I'm not expecting to really PASS as a guy (though I will be strapping down the ladies.)

Here's a couple inspiration pics to start off:

A few pics of my progress so far.
This is the original sculpt I did for left hand

and then this is the hollow latex final

This is the resin cast belt buckle I did based on the image below it.


This is the resin cast "charm" for D's hat.

based on this image:

Then here is the WIP fosshape hat and part of the arm jewelry

Here is the mostly completed breastplates (resin cast + gems), arm jewelry and hat.

how the same hand guard (arm jewelry) looks like on:

Shoulder paldron, resin. (first try with this method, (ie using stiffer rtv brushed onto the original + mother mold.... and then using stiffer resin brushed into the mold))

This is part of the WIP cape. silk painted by me.

based on this image:

Then lastly, this is the sword that my good friend Derek made for me. I adore it.
WIP with me. (i'm 6' tall, so you can imagine the size of the sword...)

and then the mostly completed sword:

Master Dahark

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That looks outstanding so far! Particularly the hand!! I always thought that if there was ever to be a live-action movie, a female should play D-- ala Cate Blanchett as Bobby Dylan.

Can't wait to see you fully suited up!


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Absolutely Fantastic!

Your passion clearly shows...

I can just imagine how the finished suit will be.... PERFECT!

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thanks you guys! much appreciated!

Does anyone have any suggestions construction directions for further armor though?

Huh?! :confused... with all the fantastic progress on the build, what else is not well thought of there?...

any specific problem you have in mind?

I'm sure everyone is willing to share their 2-cents;) to help you in this build.


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I've been doing some research, as I'm thinking of putting together a Vampire Hunter D outfit and love your Amano inspired work here :) Seems there haven't been any post on this build for awhile. Do you have any pics of your finished outfit? I'm wanting to use Fosshape for the hat as well, given that if heat-forms so well. That or leather :) Anyhoo, I'd love to see some of your finished pics!


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Congratulations, I hope everyone is well. Yes it will be a while before you can do any costume making, but when the kids are a little older you will be the most kick@$$ mom in the neighbourhood around Halloween.

The Schlitzie

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Dang, I was hoping this was a recent build :unsure I was going to inquire about casts of Left Hand and the belt buckle.

Great work, and congratulations! :cheers


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Ah, I haven't done casts for people other than me and my friends before. I dunno!

But I have done a few costumes with the babies, I'm just not able to be quite as elaborate yet, and I'm not in the proper shape to wear/finish VHD for a while. haha.

We did Little Mermaid family costumes: http://www.therpf.com/f24/disney-little-mermaid-kiss-girl-ariel-eric-wip-188778/
and Star Wars family costumes: http://aimeemajor.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/sw02.jpg http://www.therpf.com/f79/wip-anh-han-solo-costume-171554/

thanks guys!


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wowee!!! i'm sorry i have nothing worthwhile to contribute other than my excitement for your project! it's absolutely fantastic so far. hope you'll find time to finish it some time!


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Someone asked how I did the hat, I used fosshape, which is fabric which you can heat mold. I molded the bucket part of the hat on a mold that I made and then shaped the rest by hand and then painted the hat black and embellished it with a large piece that I resin casted. I hope that helps.
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