WIP Scratch build proton pack


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First time poster, long time reader. So I’m a big fan of ghostbusters, I fell in love with the movie when I was 15 and my goal in life was to own a proton pack but I didn’t know how. Years later I got into cosplay and found out there’s a whole community of people that I loved the movie as much as I did and I read through so much and realized it was possible but it was going to cost a lot of money cause of materials but that didn’t stop me and I looked for alternative and see where I could cut costs and shave a few bucks on it. I stumbled onto the Astyanax thread on the ghostbusters forum pages and my dream of owning a proton pack was possible

I would like to clarify I’m just document my process for this and share it with everyone cause I’m excited for this but these building methods are not mine, if I change anything I’ll mention it but majority of this will be based on the Astyanax build and I would like to thank him for this and I’m doing it all the proton pack, googles, ghost trap and suit and whatever else but I’m knocking out the proton pack first cause that’s a monster.

The thing with the proton pack is not the pack itself that’s the difficult part cause it’s simple shapes if you honestly look at it, it’s the measurements are very precise but god bless the ghostbusters community and what they do I’m following the measurements from the Sean Bishop proton plans.

I decided to start with the gearbox and it came out pretty good I just have to sand everything down a bit more but I’m going to try to make a piece every week and hopefully finish this in a month and a half but who know I hope you enjoy my build and any comments to improve on things would be appreciated


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Awesome dude! I remember my Proton Pack scratch build days fondly. Best of luck, can't wait to see more. Also, looks like we could be neighbors. Brooklyn?