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    So i decided after a very long time that i should start building props.
    This happened because of the very nice video's of Adam in Tested.

    So as my first prop i chose the mask that Kroenen wears in Hellboy.
    Since i don't have a lot of experience with props i chose for the Pepakura approach.

    I did some forum diving and found a nice file made available by rundown (thanks for that by the way).
    (yes i did go over the 10 pages you get while searching for Kroenen)

    So after a couple of hours i got the first part of my mask (boy, that took longer than i did expect :lol )

    Finally i got the result you see at the end of this post.
    Now I'm wondering if the mask has the right dimensions?
    I feel like it's somewhat to big. I did a test fit and I'm not able to see whats right in front of me.

    Also, does someone know where to get the metal mouth grill for the mask?
    I feel like the paper is to flimsy to even start building it with the Pepakura file :confused

    Might be because I used just regular printer paper, but the overall feel is pretty sturdy.

    And as a last question, does anyone know where to get the fiberglass, the fiberglass resin and bondo in Belgium?
    (We don't have the nice stores like the people in the US + our shops close at 18-20 o'clock)

    as for the current state of my project:


    If anyone has questions or remarks, please do so :)
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