WIP ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ paper props!

Rhett J Martin

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Oooo what have we got here? A new piece of the paper prop puzzle? Time to get back to work!


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I just watched the Prop Culture episode on this and it reminded me of this thread so I came back to see if you had any updated. Those pictures look fantastic.


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Absolutely fantastic work! I love the photos of Eddie and Teddy in better times, that's one of my favourite parts of the movie. Seeing Eddie's initial elation at the sight of the photos of him and Dolores, only for reality to come crashing back as he flips to the first shot of him and Teddy... the older I get the harder that scene hits.

Rhett J Martin

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A truckload of more work has been completed, as I wrap up the Catilina photos and desk photos. Several of these needed built from scraps of other photos, as well as touch ups, restorations, and full on painting.

When trying to rebuild the 'On the Road with Dad' photo, I realized I would have to paint most of the picture, until I tripped over a perfect photo of the wagon behind them, which sits restored in a museum in Wisconsin. The real hum dinger is that the restoration is markedly different from the wagon in the phot, as they have different tops. The pic I found was from the 60's, so I plugged it in and it filled most of the photo. now all I have to do is paint the kids and dad :)

I'm also continuing work on the news papers and the scrapbook seen in Eddie's Office. Stay toned for more!


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Amazing... you are a pro at what you do! Everything looks so seamless I'm convinced you must've made some kind of deal with the devil to get these looking as accurate as you have.

Rhett J Martin

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I wish it was instantaneous! These have all been in progress for a year or so! Crazy amount of work and study to get them up to snuff


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I've been working on trying to decipher the actual text of Marvin Acme's Will.
I've completed about 95% of the Will. Have you had any luck with that?
Maybe you can help fill in the blanks.
Here's what I have so far:


I, MARVIN ACME, of sound mind and body
do hereby bequeath in perpetuity that property
known as Toontown to those loveable characters
the Toons.

As executor of my estate, all of the royalties (?)
_________ from the walls of Maroon Studios to
_____________ I do assign the most honest and
upright of Toontown citizens, Jessica Rabbit.

I do hereby leave my warehouse, known as the Acme
Gag Factory, that factory full of the world’s most
_________________ gags in the hands of that cuddly,
______________________ master of comedy, Roger

In the interest of the coordination of all
Toontown performers whose sole purpose is
_________, laughter and fun, I do also establish
the Toon entertainment fund. The fund shall
support all Toon performers to prosper and
endure in the apt pursuit of Toon insanity.

May all Toons enjoy an everlasting life.


Marvin Acme

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