Why not using icehockey stuff for Ironman?


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Hey Guys,

i´m still working on my Mark V and i think i will do this Trashcan tutorial, cause it seems to be the best way to do this, cause all the pieces are so small and tiny... but i was thinking about how to put all the stuff together, and i found my old icehockeystuff in the basement and now i will use this

Brustschutz KOHO (Comfort Series 4420),Senior Gr.L,gebraucht | eBay

i can put all the stuff on this thing and pull it over my head.
there are different icehockeystuffs, the defencestuff is heavyer and the offence are less, hope you know what i mean.
what did you think?


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My answer? Cause it always looks like you used ice hockey gear.

The models have specific proportions and lines and if you tinker with that by the padding you use underneath it never seems to look just right.

6mm EVA is the stuff to use IMHO. You can cut very tiny parts very easily.
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