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Hello Everyone,
I have a question. I'm building my first prop of a GB proton pack, it's been a struggle because wood working and I don't mix that well but it's taking shape and I'm really happy with it. Problem is I bought a light kit from a GB site and one of the bulbs went out on the board. I e-mailed the website but haven't heard anything back yet. My question to everyone is. Is there a way to test the bulb or board to see which one is bad? Or is it possible to replace the bulb if I found a duplicate somewhere? I was finally seeing the finish line but I feel like every time I get close I have to take 2 steps back. I'm really a novice at this kind of stuff so I thought I'd ask it on here.
If you got the light kit from GBFans, there is actually a 'debug' mode that will test the lights in sequence. Check the documentation on the site (if you did get the GBFans kit)
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