Who sells Replica Nazi uniforms?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DarkLordSalvo, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. DarkLordSalvo

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    Now before anyone jumps to conclusions, I want to make the werewolf Nazis from AWIL. Anyone know of a site that sells these?
  2. KevVader

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    ..sent ya a pm....
  3. allosaur176

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    I seen someone on the HMA that made a full scale * werewolf that looked absolutely amazing.... Is that the version your going for?
  4. DarkLordSalvo

    DarkLordSalvo Well-Known Member

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    I want to try the one that has the Darth Vader-looking helmet on but I like them all.
  5. takevin

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    anyone have a picture of this?
  6. weaselflinger

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  7. BornKilr

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  8. Michael Bergeron

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  9. Sgtjmb1982

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    I have to agree with the above response, East German Tunics and WW2 Wehrmacht uniforms are two different entities. If you wish to buy something for a relatively inexpensive price go on Ebay of all places and look up M36 German WW2 Tunic. There is a company in China that manufactures them and they are quite good. The reason for the M36, it has the reed green collar that was very common at the time, and it has many of the stereotype characteristics commonly associated with German Uniforms. Also, the sportsmans guide boots are east german as well, and are again very different that actual WW2 boots. Keep in mind that german soldiers also didnt wear just jackboots, mountain troops and paratroopers or Fallschrimjager wore tie-up boots with gaitors. And lastly, if you want * insignia, just watch where you wear it as in may cause a scene, for instance don't visit your local synagogue in uniform and ask where the furnaces are located to the rabi....anyway, epicmilitaria.com out of the UK sells high quality inexpensive german arm bads for * party, hitler youth, and the SS. So that is my two cents in
  10. punisher

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  11. SSgt Burton

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    Shouldn't be an issue as the * Werewolf/Demons didn't have any Third Reich/* insignia at all that I can remember. The uniforms and (albeit stylized) German helmet alone were enough to make them recognizable as "Nazis".

  12. EvilRocketeer

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    Not sure if you guys notice but this thread is 4 years old, and thanks to the necroposter..it was brought back to life haha...Is it me or does it seem necroposting has been happening a lot more recently

    anyways, this seller is amazing..Great customer service. Finheads use him for our jodphurs
  13. Lonny

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    I've picked up a bundle of East German uniforms from Gowen militaria.
    I decided to make a replica of Hans Landa's movie gala uniform from the end of Inglorious Basterds, I started off with an East German Officers tunic, four buttons with an open collar and white piping around the collar.
    I think its pretty much the same coat Landa wore in the film, and after that I just added all the medals and ribbons, well...not the ribbons, I got no idea how to make the medals hang together on one ribbon bar.

    Anywho, Gowen militaria!
  14. Tim Allen

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    Second that, their customer service is OUTSTANDING as well.

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