Who makes the best Vader saber shroud?

The only option I am aware of would be Parks Sabers MPP replica which is a reluctant recommendation. That, or source an old Larbel MPP replica but the Larbel is very similar to the MR piece (strictly speaking the MR piece is very similar to the Larbel).
I just picked up am MR shroud, being that these are only plastic I can't see there being much difference in them (not that I know), its a bit like buying bubble strip from Rebel scum and having an Exactra bubble strip I have both and visually there is no difference especially after its shaped to fit
Hi there,

Indeed it is the only one shroud that comes the closest to my original onestep MPP
albeit made from 'plastic' :

Blast-Tech - Products - Camera Parts

Mine even had the top screw set offside just like my original :love

Best to contact them first before purchasing to check if one is available!

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