Where can I find scope rings for a GK?

wuher da brewer

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Which style are you wanting?

Theres the football shaped post production type visible in the Visual Dictionary and Star Wars Chronicles. There was another type used on screen.

Durasteel Corporation

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I dont see it Gabe.....I looked at the other rings your posted but I dont see what youre seeing in terms of identifying features.....looks like the chronicles version to me. Looks like the same piece.---even the screws look like they are there.

Prop Runner

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These should end any doubt that there are 2 diferent rings used:

The top one was taken of a big screen TV with the contrast and brightness maxed out. The original scene is very dark on default DVD settings...

- Gabe


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Are the VD GK scope rings the symetrical type or the very rare asymetrical type (like on the ESB DH17)?