What's your most expensive prop purchase regret?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Funky, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Funky

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    If you've been in the hobby for twenty minutes, I KNOW you've dropped a few more greenbacks than you were comfortable with at the time to get that piece you just "had to have".
    We've all done it.
    Now let's talk about the time you got caught up in the moment and just happened to have the cash, and you made the leap to buy something you hadn't given a lot of thought to. Now you get it home and it doesn't take long before you think to yourself, "WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!" Now you can't unload that thing for a fraction of what you paid for it! Just an overall poor investment that you will never forget!

    I suspect Art will be on in a few minutes with his screen used 300 costume.:)

    I myself have been lucky enough to dodge that bullet several times. One time I came so far as paying for a 1,000.00 item and I was 50.00 short so the guy sold it to the next person who had the green. It turned out the movie it was from fell flat and the piece today is quite literally disintegrating! But if I would have had that extra 50.00... :eek

    Okay, what's yours?
  2. Tom1971

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    Macrobinoculars. Really wishing I never started on these.

    Trying to decide whether I should give up and sell what I have.

    Highlander sword that was never in any movie or show:facepalm:facepalm No clue what I was thinking.

    National Treasure as a whole. Never should have pulled the trigger on that one. Never would have had I known the cost of the two coolest props.
  3. Funky

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    Ah, the macros. Yup, I'm feeling your pain on that one myself! :cry


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    SDS trooper lid. Nuf said.

  5. Michael Bergeron

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    You've gotta tell us the film!!!

    I've never had any of my big ticket items truly disappoint me. I have been disappointed with a few smaller items though, some people's definition of "high quality" is different than others! :lol

    Nothing that stands out to me right now. They weren't awful, just less than I was hoping for.
  6. Serenity

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    This is kind of related, but my biggest regret thus far would be selling most of my Firefly collection a few years ago. It's proving to be much more expensive replacing those things today because most of it is harder to find now...
  7. GeneralFROSTY


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    I'm having a hard time re-selling my Willy Wonka collection right now. Looks like it will have to go for a lot less than what I paid.
  8. Robert412

    Robert412 Well-Known Member

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    Pics, or this thread is... Slightly less interesting?

    Seriously, though, I'd like to see these items.
  9. nick daring

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    I'm always surprised when people throw down hardcore for brand new movies or movies that haven't even come out yet. Most modern films just be one "classics" and for me the desire to own objects from a film stems from a deep love and long term admiration of the creative gestalt behind the thing. That usually takes a few years at least.

    Hype is a cruel temptress. Beware and follow what you love.

  10. Birdie

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    Universal Armourer Pulse Rifle.

    Newbs don't know they're born :lol
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  11. nolatron

    nolatron New Member

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    Not "props" per say, but....

    Sometime around last years SDCC I wanted a Sideshow Iron Man figure, so I got one.

    Then I got Obi-Wan Kenobi... then a darth vader... the all 4 Matty 12" ghostbusters... then almost a storm trooper, then I pre-order 2 other Iron Man figures, and i wanted the the 2 new batmans...and the tron lightcycle...and...and....

    I was about $1,000+ into it and went "WTF AM I DOING!?".. along with the wife. Luckily I was able to sell it all back off on ebay and recoup it all.
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  12. tripoli

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    Dropping thousands on Icons only not to get anything in return. Biggest regret by far.
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  13. Risu

    Risu Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Both were Back to the Future. An oversized hoverboard kit that weighed a ton, made about $20 back after shipping. And MarkPoon's Nike Mags. Lost about $50 on those. Not as big as some people's, but both happened at the same time and it made me rethink BttF collecting for a long time.
  14. VS Tony

    VS Tony New Member

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    What a great read.!! All I can add is not necessarily a specific purchase I regret....but as a Star Wars collector, there is SO MUCH stuff out there, and you run out of room!! There are certainly pieces that I thought would be worth the investment when the money would have been better spent on something different (but still SW related!) I dedicated a room in my house to SW....I could let it take over other rooms but I never wanted my house to scream "doesn't get laid" ;)
  15. Zombie Killer

    Zombie Killer Sr Member

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    $500 plasma molds from a certain Houdiniguy that are nothing more than molds of a sideshow plasma.
  16. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    The only "big" purchase I can really think of was a long time ago, and it wasn't even that "big".

    Way back when Larry did the MPP run, I hopped on. Got it in, and it was a beautiful piece. Only problem was, no 3' red blade came out of it.

    I was disappointed, and while I knew intellectually that there is no such thing as a lightsaber, when I got it in hand and it was just this... metal tube, I was sad. Sold it later that week iirc.

    It was an amazing replica, and terrific craftsmanship, but just... a metal tube. It's why I don't collect sabers anymore.

    One of the reasons I am happy that I am independently poor is that I never have the chance, or the real ability to follow the whole "GOTTA THROW MONEY AT IT" feeling that happens when something awesome from a movie or tv show comes out, or goes up for bid.

  17. Jedifyfe

    Jedifyfe Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I can honestly say that I have NEVER lost money on any prop I've bought because I don't go out and buy a prop just because I "NEED" it.

    The best rule to live by in the hobby is:

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  18. BrundelFly

    BrundelFly Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Two TERMINATOR batteries (Fuel Cells) of the Four that were made for production.
    They were JUST slightly different, probably the one that stayed IN the chest, (and its back up). I wont even say what I paid for them. It was ALOT.
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  19. thegreatgalling

    thegreatgalling Sr Member

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    I cry far more for the things I don't have than for the things I have, but great thread!

    My wife loved the Blind Side so I bought her a slew of props from the movie, but they are a little weird in comparison to the rest of my collection.
  20. TheNickFox

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    I have BOXES of welding, brazing, safety, and laser goggles from when I was trying to frankenstein a set of Dr. Horrible goggles together. I just bought anything that even had remotely the same shape of any of the components. (some came in looking completely different than their picture too)

    I probably had about $400 invested in random goggles by the time I found the screen accurate models. By that point I just didn't have the energy to try to sell them all. Now I don't even know where they are. (except for any screen accurate pieces I pulled off of them of course)

    $400 doesn't seem too bad until you figure that the largest lot of these I was buying we probably 6-8...so this took time, and a hell of a lot of goggles.

  21. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    +1, if that was accurate, I don't want accurate. I gave mine away. Wouldn't have felt right taking money for it.
  22. asemblyrequired

    asemblyrequired Well-Known Member

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    around the holidays or when folks need money everything pops up in the junkyard. If your looking stormtrooper lids , they are everywhere it seems.

  23. BAK55

    BAK55 Well-Known Member

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    I guess this is why I'd rather build my stuff. It may not be dead on accurate, but at least I had the satisfaction of attempting to make it as accurate as I can. And I enjoy the challenge of making my props along with the acollades after a build.
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  24. TheNickFox

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    Well it seems I was having some network problems...

    As the French don't say: doublé post.

  25. Boogeyman13

    Boogeyman13 Sr Member

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    My only regret was one of my first purchases. I bought a Jurassic Park vehicle tag, and when I got it, I realized that it was pretty far from screen accurate. Thankfully, it was only a few bucks. So I just made my own. It's not as durable a lamination job, but it's screen accurate and looks just fine in my display. And it taught me an important lesson about doing proper research before buying.

    I also tend to not let impulse buys get the better of me any more. Which is certainly a good thing, particularly in this hobby! :)
  26. lharles

    lharles Well-Known Member

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    Quite possibly the first purchase I made when I got the bug for collecting props, (to put in the 'Museum of Fictional Artifacts' room in our house), is the only one I regret. I didn't spend a ton of money but the items are pretty far from accurate & are definitely ones I'll need to modify/build/rebuild myself or purchase from someone who makes accurate replicas. The items -? The doubloon & key from 'The Goonies'. :) I paid about $15 so the cost wasn't too bad...but somehow I feel like a dunce for buying em'.
  27. robstyle

    robstyle Master Member

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    All the original parts for masters and work involved doing a few hyperfirm (Both E11's, Boba Fett guns, Lewis Gun and MG34) projects. Lost my * on those projects while others cashed in. Lost even more shipping items out of pocket when the person that was supposed to and paid to do it just let the boxes sit.
    Same people claimed my HIC panel molds and original parts were missing yet they ended up in another parties hands.
  28. Droidboy

    Droidboy Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Probably my KITT replica I started building. I finally sold off the parts and car late last year, lost about $10k on it. Got screwed over on the engine build and gave up.
  29. OdiWan72

    OdiWan72 Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    No "regret", but I spent WAY too much $ for collecting Graflex´s back the days when they still went from anywhre between 300-600 USD :eek
    Must have paid THOUSANDS for them and now more than 50% are collecting dust in my parts boxes :cry

  30. OdiWan72

    OdiWan72 Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I remember the story man (was on the list for two HF Lewis back then).
    And I still appreciate the time, efforts and money you put into making this a happy end for all customers...you are one of the best Rob :thumsbup

  31. Funky

    Funky Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Wow, guys, I'm so sorry. What I thought was going to be a fun thread is turning out be a real wound opener. I guess that makes sense I just never thought about it like that.
    My most sincere apologies. :confused
  32. Flagg

    Flagg Sr Member

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    I bought an Aliens Smart Gun replica on ebay ages ago for like $300. It wasn't all that accurate and was a bit undersized but I still thought the thing was badass and was going to display it with all the other Colonial Marine stuff I had at the time. I had it on top of my dresser while I was trying to figure out how to display it. One of my cats jumped up onto it, knocking it to the floor and the thing snapped into three pieces and all the side resin details exploded. I regret not being able to get another one. I regret not killing that cat. :lol
  33. trooper

    trooper Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I have no regrets on what I bought, but I will forever regret selling my EXTREMELY RARE sandtrooper mg15 scope......aaahhhh! :cry
  34. Borjis

    Borjis Well-Known Member

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    paid way more than I should have for a "23rd century tricorder" kit, on ebay.
  35. Skyler101

    Skyler101 Sr Member

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    Pulse Rifle kit from here.
    When I got it, the casts were warped, pitted, twisted, and could not come together.
    Later I discovered it was a recast from a Spats rifle kit.

    Cost me in time (over 2 years to finally get the kit) and money (to Australia, and then back!) as well as a partial refund....

    To date, still don't have a pulse rifle of my own...


    DARTH SABER Master Member

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    Mine would have to be the POTC compass from Master Replicas.
    Just not the quality I thought it would be...everything on it was molded plastic.
    Very disappointing quality.
    It was basically just a plastic toy.
  37. agliarept

    agliarept Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Once bought a Ninja turtle mask for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. and eventually sold it from just anger at looking at it. one of my first negative experiences in prop/replica buying, mostly because i didn't know better. ( before i knew this forum existed too :-/)
  38. Dewback_Rider

    Dewback_Rider Active Member

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    You could definitely unload the goggles to the Steampunk community. :cool
  39. jcoffman99

    jcoffman99 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Paid way too much for the MR AFBB Obi wan saber. Glad I have it, but I should have been beaten. :)
  40. Jedifyfe

    Jedifyfe Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    No need to apologize for others ignorance or bad timing.
  41. Got Maul

    Got Maul Official Licensee RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I always approached the hobby in two ways : 1. Things I really wanted when I was a kid (like a graflex- I mean, come on... its a lightsaber) 2. Or something that symbolizes

    I know the 300 thing was mentioned above and Lord knows, I was in on that screen used run as well. I pass that thing every day and am still loving owning this thing because of what it stood for at the time of purchase and what the movie stood for.

    As for the items that were here and there, not falling under the two categories, were the outlier props, such as MiB neuralizer, Kermit the frog, and other little things that still have to make their way to eBay.
  42. dbuck

    dbuck Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I have a few things I have squirreled away in closets that I probably could have passed on, but they will come out someday for display. I don't really regret those purchases. Yet.

    I did come oh so close to buying the unobtainium Enterprise. Whew.
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  43. Rikarus

    Rikarus Well-Known Member

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    rubies halo delux master chief armor.....over paid...ouch!

    cleaned it up a bit, fixed up the helmet, and put a cool visor in it, and turned it armound to only lose 150 bucks.
  44. Funky

    Funky Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    I almost forgot...there was a Vulcan harp that I bought and paid WAY too much money for. It looked GREAT in the pics but when it arrived it was about 1/3 too small and made of what felt like balsa wood. I gave it away in the PIF thread and when the recipient received it he was upset when the post office tried to charge him a kings ransom in duty charges (it was sent to Malta). He asked if he could open it right there at the post office before he paid for it and he said it pretty much just crumbled in his hands! To make a very long story short, this inspired him to build a superior harp of his own in about a week just out of spite! He and I had a good laugh about this and for MONTHS this harp was sent back and forth ending up in postal limbo, playing "tag" with it every time they tried to deliver it to one of us. This fiasco ended up creating an on-line friendship between he and I and now I consider him to be one of my closest 'virtual' friends.
    (Hi, Alan!)
  45. WarPig

    WarPig Sr Member

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    For the price, my Advacnded action suit was a big disappointment :cry
  46. Lord Boron

    Lord Boron Sr Member

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    I paid WAY to much for those ICONS items that never shipped.....
  47. Cpl Potter

    Cpl Potter Sr Member

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    the only thing i regret is waiting to long to make a paypal claim for my never delivered endo rifle. I'm not a rich man so if i want something new i usually have to sell something old , and my regrets are more what i have sold.
  48. armorture

    armorture New Member

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    i can totally relate. not a super expense but, I paid a fair sum for an IM helmet back last year on ebay only to find out once it had been shipped, wound up with a crack right up the back about four inches. the seller was gracious enough to send a reinforced replacement for only the shipping cost but it also arrived cracked around the crown. decided to try and pep out my own helmet to much success. almost done a mk 4 suit.
  49. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Oh yea, buying a Superman costume from a seller, and having them SHIP IT TO ME DURING A ****ING HURRICANE.

    Yea, package never showed, out 250$. When I asked about getting a replacement, I got lead on and on and finally gave up after I got the "miscarriage" sob story cause I kept asking on a monthly basis "So... how's it coming along?"

    A: I didn't believe the seller, and b: What in the hell is going through your head where that is something that is OK to share with a customer, who's only contact with you is "Here is my money, please send me a replacement".

    Another "What in the hell was I thinking?" moment was when I bought a pound of Magicsculpt cause I was totally gonna get to work on this statue I was gonna make, and it's been like 4 years and I am still in the "Welp , there goes 30$" stage of thinking instead of sculpting anything.

    I think every newbie to the hobby goes through a "CRAP! MUST BUY ALL!" and then realizes they don't actually need/want all the items they see and now own, and then sell later. That's kind of a right of passage with us :lol

  50. ShackMan

    ShackMan Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    No wounds here, Funky. My most expensive prop isn't a regret for how much I spent (won't name the price), but just a regret that it didn't find a better home. Seriously considering selling KITT, and wish he/it could stay in the prop community. My only regret is that I stay too busy to put more work/time into it myself, and it just sits in the garage, collecting dust. :( My favorite prop I've owned so far though ... not counting the R2 that has been a decade long journey so far. ;)


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