What's the best (budget) Indy whip out there?


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I know the David Morgan's are the best out there, but is there anything even remotely close that a collector could get without spending the big bucks? Performance isn't important as I don't plan on doing any adventuring in the near future, just something that looks good.


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I got mine from this guy about 2 yrs ago http://www.whipworks.net/ He goes by ecwhips over on the COW.

It's a 10ft 12 plait. I don't remember if it is cow or kangaroo hide. Thankfully, I got mine before he hit it "big" and got for a really good price (I think it was about $175 at the time).

Here's apic of mine (along with some other gear)

Same exact style as the indy whip and still cracks beautifully. I only wish I had more room to practice.

Thanks to WC for hosting.