Whats a good wash mix ratio?


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Need to dirty up some painted parts as they look too new.

Whats a good mix ration of paint to thinner? 1 Part paint - 1 Part Thinner? 2:1, 3:1?

Thanx for any help.
Personally, I'd stain most of the parts, whipe off the highlight/edges, then wash some parts by adding drops of paint, not ratio's, to a small glass of water with some soap added to let it flow better. Then repeat as many washes as needed.
I thought of a couple other things. Allowing the wash to dry to various different points, prior to blotting with paper towels, will also change the level of the wash. So, lets say you wash a section. Wait a little bit, then just blot some of it, in random places. Wait longer, blot some more random places. Again, you can (should?) always go back and add another layer or layers. The key to the "natural" look is to NOT create patterns. Always random. Personally, I find it easiest to plug into my MP3 player and actually not pay attention, while paying attention (OK, that makes sense in my head; hopefully yours, as well), and constantly squinting to get a better feel of the overall look. Make sense?
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