What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME! - Updated with 2012 costumes


For those of you who don't know, "Adventure Time" is this wonderfully subversive cartoon on Cartoon Network about a boy named Finn the Human and his best friend Jake the Dog. They wander the land of Oo getting into adventures...some of the wackiest and most offbeat adventures one could imagine. Me and my girlfriend are HUGE fans of the show and elected to dress up as Finn the Human and his leading lady Princess Bubblegum.


My amazingly talented girlfriend made the dress from scratch (with fabric that cost less than 10 bucks to boot!) I purchased Finn's distinctive hat off eBay and hit up thrift stores for his shirt and shorts, but the rest of the costumes were homemade.


I wasn't pleased with the Golden Sword of Battle that they sold at Toys R Us as it was way too small, so I scaled it up and made my own out of basswood and PVC pipe covered with layers of Bondo and primer.




I wanted to make sure my Finn Backpack completely resembled the one from the show. There was one on etsy that looked good, but the seller was backed up with Halloween orders so I had no choice but to make my own. The backpack started with base of foamcore that I'd filled with expanding foam and hacked away at with a bread knife and sander after it'd cured.




Straps were made with 1/2" rope that I'd glue-gunned to the foam dome and covered with sections cut out of a foam pool noodle. All of this was covered with green felt that my lovely assistant sewed together for me.



Princess Bubblegum's crown began as a styrofoam ring with a bit of shaped styrofoam glue-gunned and toothpicked on top. This was also covered with Bondo and sanded smooth. The gemstone on top was simply a ping pong ball, as was the gem on Finn's sword.



Our costumes were a HUGE hit. We went to four parties last weekend and everywhere we went, someone would scream "ADVENTURE TIME!" and then ask to take a pic.

Since I'm too lazy to start a separate thread, here's a pic of the "Shaun of the Dead" costume I put together for my nephew.


I got the patter for the nametag from the RPF, but I forgot the name of who provided it. The cricket bat was 100% homemade out of foamcore, a plastic baseball bat, and lots of drywall spackle. The rifle was storebought and repainted. The tie was storebought, but the shirt was purchased and distressed with various acrylic paints and coffee THE MORNING OF HALLOWEEN.


Thanks for looking, everyone! Hope you had a great Halloween!

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Re: What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

HA!!! hilarious but still some great costumes...Good Job! I have seen the cartoon also..I like it but dont know what time it comes on here in Cali
Re: What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

Thanks, SemperBourne! I'm from Cali too, but I NEVER watch "Adventure Time" when it airs because it's scheduling is so erratic. I usually just DVR it or search on YouTube for full episodes.
Re: What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

Awesome costumes! I really love the backpack; it's identical to the one in the show.
Re: What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

@Lauralot: I was really happy with how the backpack turned out...but it proved to be very hazardous a few times over the course of the weekend. Since it's so big, I had no idea I was hovering it over a firepit during one party (thankfully, I escaped with just a bit of soot smudged on it). And you can forget about taking it to the bar...if the backpack wasn't spilling a random meathead's drink, it was rubbing up on his drunken girlfriend. It goes without saying that after the pictures were taken, I put it back in my trunk :p
Re: What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

@loganallenwolf: Nice work! I wish I had a Jake, but my lady wanted to go the princess route :unsure

How did you put together your Jake costume? It looks totally professional!
Re: What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME!

Thanks! The interior torso/head of the Jake costume is a trash can I got from The Home Depot. The interior arm and leg tubes are made out of 1" thick minicell foam with 1" thick charcoal foam at the joints. The shoes are old slippers covered with 1" thick minicell foam. The entire costume is covered in gold felt with a velcro enclosure in the back, and the eyes are a double layer of buckram with a good 'ol sharpie used for the black part.


P.S. Next year I'm seriously considering making Peppermint Butler for my brother to wear to go along with the rest of our group :)

The wife and I were planning to do themed "Amelie" costumes for her, me and our son, Jack. At the very last minute (last meaning 36 hours prior to the Halloween event) we changed our minds and decided to do Adventure Time costumes again. Only THIS time, we decided to base our costumes on a very recent episode of the show "I Remember You." She would be Marceline the Vampire Queen as a toddler and I would be Simon Petrikov...who would later become the Ice King.


Our costumes were mostly store bought items that were modified, including her jumper, shirt, socks and shoes and my wig and glasses. I also had to sculpt a "Scientific Parasite" to go in Simon's front pocket as well as the Ice King crown that would slowly drive Simon insane...but the paint had not yet dried on the crown so I had to make a quick one out of paper 15 minutes before we left our house.


The costumes were so obscure that we only got recognized a single time (and that was at the liquor store we stopped at BEFORE getting to the bar to buy some Grey Goose). The rest of the night, I got called "Iceman" and (ironically enough) my wife Swanny kept getting called "Amelie." Still, we love the costumes and after we finish the rest of the details (as well as a Hambo the Bear costume for Jack) I plan on taking it to SDCC, where I'm sure it'll get more love.


My daughter wanted to be Marceline this year.
I also have a son going as Finn and another girl as Fiona (store bought by their mom)

Do you think I should make a new thread for her Axe Bass build or just append it to yours and make this THE Adventure Time thread?

My daughter wanted to be Marceline this year.
I also have a son going as Finn and another girl as Fiona (store bought by their mom)

Do you think I should make a new thread for her Axe Bass build or just append it to yours and make this THE Adventure Time thread?

Awesome! I'd love to see what you and your wife turned out! But as for the Axe Bass, you should start a new thread in the Replica Props forum for that one so it doesn't get buried in here.

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