What kind of clay do you use to sculpt over styrofoam?


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Hi All

If I wanted to make a larger prop, Like a creature head or something, I got to thinking about the logistics and I wanted to ask -

Styrofoam seems like a good base to start with, then add clay over the foam and sculpt until it looks right - But then what? I assume you cant bake the clay if there is Styrofoam in it (Like if you used sculpey)

Do you just use air-dry clay? Or do you just never fully bake or harden the clay, and you take a mold while its still uncured?

Thanks a ton!



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I use styrofoam all the time for bigger stuff. I use paper mache, mixes up like tuna salad, sands great and you can carve in details or ad them with epoxy clay.


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DAS air dry has little to no shrinkage when it drys and I have used it over styrofoam/floral foam many times. Sculpey/heated clays usually shrink and I have almost always had them crack over time or right away when curing over a solid form.
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