What is this yacht kit worth?

Tom Sheldon

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Hey guys,
So I found this model kit on my grandma's attic the other day and I am wondering if it's something special. Probably not but I thought I'd ask anyways.
It's a rather large box with some damage on the outside, but everything on the inside is still perfectly sealed and mint.
It's instructions are Japanese with funny English translations but I think it was bought at a local German hobby store.
All in all I just wanted to ask if there is a market for such models. If its nothing special anyways, I am just gonna build the ship myself :p
Thanks for any advice!
Here are some pictures:

it's rare and OOP but not a significant model. One sold on German Ebay last year for 35 euros, so it doesn't have huge value.

It was manufactured in the 80's, so depending on how old you are, it sounds like it was a kit your (paternal?) Grandfather maybe bought to do with his son (your father?), or maybe bought to do with (or for) his grandson ie you, but it never happened for whatever reason.

I believe it's a boat designed to be floated on a pond. If I were you, I'd build it and display it proudly. Maybe even float it if I could find a suitable pond, because nostalgia.
Thanks a bunch for your research BiggusDoggus!
I am definitely gonna build this thing then, maybe even add some RC :)
35 euros isn't much, really ... I think the original price tag said something like 300DM which would have been something around 150 euros so it was quite an expensive kit at the time.
I think it was actually for my uncle (mom's brother) and he probably never built it.
Anyways, I am really looking forward to build this!
I might post progress pics here later :)
Again, thank you for taking the time!
I think I had one of those kits years ago. It's a nice display model of a lovely yacht, but it is definitely not intended to go in water. I'm sure an inspired builder could build it as an actual sailing model, but you'd have to replace the mast and almost all of the rigging parts with stronger pieces than the plastic bits that come in the kit.
What a beautiful kit. In my opinion, there aren't enough plastic model yacht kits. All of the nice wooden ones are a bit out of my price range....:cry
Please build it and show it off here!
So I just started this today and this is my progress:

Laying out all the parts


And this is how far I got it today:


The mast assembly and especially the rigging is gonna be a lot of work so I am not going to rush it :)
Concerning the yacht's pond-worthiness I found out that making it robust enough to withstand some pull on the sail would require re-working the whole thing ( as mentioned by Duncanator) and so I am going to make it a display model for now. Most of the shackles are soft metal parts but those are glued to plastic bits at the base so it's not going to hold too well under pressure.

All in all I am enjoying this boat more and more and I should probably be starting to look for a place to put it eventually :p

Oh - and also: Does anyone know how to change the title to make this a build thread?
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