What is this black ribbed tubing as seen on mattel ghost traps? And to find it?


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i need to buy this stuff in metres, so i can cut off what i need as i need it - trouble is i cant find it - the closest i can find is this stuff, but its split due to it being a cable tidy - i need it unsplit - anyone throw a lifeline as to what its called or where it available from in the uk.

i need an outer diameter of 10-12mm, the inside doesnt mattter - it has to be ribbed and flexible plastic

the closest i can find is not good for what i intend to do:
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It looks like split loom tubing. It's used to keep wiring neat, Radio Shack or car audio shops will have it.

*edit* I see you said unsplit, don't know where to get that.
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I work in a garden centre and i have some of that exact stuff unsplit (in those dimensions). it came from an old water feature/pond pump. so you may want to try a pond/aquatic specialist.
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