What tool to use?


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Hey all,

So I've been using an app called Shapr3D, which is a Fusion 360-esque app for iPad to do a bunch of Transformers models, props and guns and such. I love the app, but I'm looking to do some more maquette work (on Transformers-esque robots) to print at miniature sizes. And while the bodies are great in Shapr3D, facial features and hands are tricky. So my question to you fine people is:

Do any of you have experience modelling robots in an app like Nomad or Z-brush? Does it work well? I'd want to pose them (using Blender, I imagine) after getting the model, but don't want them to feel organic aside from in the faces of some of them. Is Nomad(or something similar) good at modelling rigid bodies?


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