Hasbro Pulse Rifle Stock Mod stl. file as seen on Tested in Adams 3d pen demo


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Here is the stl file Adam demos on his video about the 3d pen. I posted this in the free stl file thread on here in March 2023. Posting here so it's easier to find if anyone is interested!

Replacement stock for the Nerf Pulse Rifle. FDM in normal settings. Just clean the pin holes (I used a drill bit in my fingers the same size) to make a smooth fit. The shroud sides clamp tight. Give them a squeeze and it snaps together around the stock. The stock part is from another model i found, the mount I made.



note : updated version has an extra hole for the back, I think where the screw is recessed for the battery cover.


  • nerf pulse rifle stock.stl
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