What is the best way to age this?


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Ok, I recently picked up a second Markpoon Grays Sports Alamanac through trade. Since I already have one, I decided to maybe use this one as the one Biff has in his safe in 1985. the one he pulls out of the safe to show Marty.

The one in the safe is old, yellowed pages, and in an aged plastic bag.

What is the best way to age this to create that effect?
I thought about putting it in the oven, or under the broiler to brown it a bit, but I wanted to see if there was a better way to go about this?

Any ideas would be great!!


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You could try spraying the pages with lemon juice and heat it with a hair dryer.
Another possible way is to put it in the clothes cryer on the cool setting.
If you want a more "natural" way, you could try leaving it in direct sunlight for about a week.


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As a Florida resident, aging paper is dead easy! Stick it under the rear winshield of your car and park it in the sun during the day. Leave it there for a few weeks and turn it over when one side is cooked.

This works a lot faster in the summer, but we've had a really hot, dry year, so we might have enough summer left to bake it up.


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I prefer instant coffee. A nice little container of Maxwell House will do nicely. You mix about three spoon fulls in about half a cup of water and stir. I usually use paper towel to wipe it on. Use sparingly and keep a hairdryer near by.
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