What is the best metalic paint?

Anakin Starkiller

Master Member
If I paint with Alcad, will I be able to handle the object afterwards. I'm using this on a saber and I've heard that people sometimes have had problems with Alcad sticking, and I kniow that you can't use a sealer over it. Thanks

Dan Stokes

Tan Djarka

Sr Member
I know this is waaaaay late, but for an aluminum (NOT polished or chrome) finish try Walmart's house brand (aluminum #20012). I picked some up as a general purpose silver paint, but WOW! Not only does it provide a credible and shiny immitation of aluminum, it also dries to the touch fairly quick (about five minutes) and DOES NOT PICK UP FINGERPRINTS!

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I used Alclad steel on my Kamino Saberdart display and it's not tacky at all. I think it depends on if you use a good gloss black for the primer coat.