What have I gotten myself into?!


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Dear Lord, here I go again.....

Yeah, I've been gone for a bit. Sorry guys. I've been moving, and I'm renting my former house. And it's been a pain in the rump too. BUT the family moving into my house that I am renting out, my son and their son, are the same age, go to the same school, are in band together, same size, and like pretty much the same stuff geek wise too. Needless to say they hit it off really quick and become fast best buds.
My son's new best buddy will be costuming with us this season. To be fair about it, Matt's fave things are Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean and Marvel, Star Warsand then everything else, Cory's are Star Wars, Halo, and then Marvel, Transformers, and everything else. So, I said, if he costumed Transformers with us in the spring with him as Rumble and Matt as Frenzy with my Soundwave, Matt and I would do Star Wars with him for a local con, and then he and Matt could do Halo for Halloween together.


I know nothing about Halo.

He mentioned a character to me in Halo Reach (?) that he wanted to do. But it wasn't Master Chief. Can someone help me out here? I want to try to find it and make the costume for him.


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I'm not sure myself. But I will scan any of the Halo books to help you if you find out the characters name. Just keep me posted, and I'll help you in any way I can!


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I bet it was Emile. He's a pretty popular character in that game for looks alone


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Google is your friend. Also, all of the Reach characters have been done up in action figure form, so it'll be good to get the right figure, then base the costume off of that.
Good luck! - I enjoyed finishing Reach =)


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I still have NO CLUE. Rumble's coming over tomorrow after school so we can bash ideas around and get some measurements for his Rumble suit too so we can get started soon as Christmas is over. He said the name, but for the life of me I have NO idea what it was.... started with a J.... or....G??? Maybe? I don't know! >.< I'm stumped on this one! For once, my geek kids have got me beat. But I know it wasn't Master Chief.


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There are many great spartan characters from Halo Reach.

Carter, Emile, Jun, Jorge are the males in Noble Team (the main squad from Reach)

If it is Jun, then you need to make the Scout helmet, sniper left shoulder, and tactical patrol chest piece.

The Scout helmet is definitely available as a pep, I have seen it before. The default armor will all be available as peps also, and you need almost all of the parts except for the specifics I listed above.
I'll find out tomorrow if it's Jun for sure. But I am pretty sure that's what he said.
How hard is it to build Halo armor? Kid size...

If you go the foam build route its not to bad, I did the base reach suit out of foam in two weeks, the helmet is best if you started from pep, that can take a while if your trying to achive a perfect looking helmet, check out the 405th they are a Halo based costume forum, they can answer all your questions there and there are tutorials to show you how to build this stuff

For Halo costumes check this forum out probably have what your looking for


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Okay, kiddo came by today. I made him say it, explain it and write it down for me.
It is Jun after all. My first instinct was right! So looks like I will be building a mini Master Chief and a mini Jun for Halloween or before for my two boys for this year.


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Thats not that bad... you would have had fun making the emilie helmet.. lol

All the pep files for them are on the 405th. theres a pepakura mega pack floating around that has them in it.


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if pep's not your thing. try a foam pep its pretty simple and looks great with the right model. But foam is an aquired taste and you will need simple pep training to use it the 405th forum will help you out. create a topic and we "spartans" will help :p but make sure to read the stickys before posting a simple question topic. it will save you alot of time.


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Awesome. Thanks! I will sit down tonight when I get back in and register and read up and start my thread then. :) It's going to be a while before I start on it because I have other projects that need to come first, but I am a foam worker already, and use all types with my Transformers works as it is, and I'm expanding into different kinds now too with prop building to make a Laserbeak for this year to go with my Soundwave.


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Demolition released foam friendly Mark VI files here. You obviously would have to resize them in Pep Designer if you're doing smaller versions. Good luck!
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