What Does BowJunkie Owe You?


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One Sterling build-up paid $180 October of 2004. Last update was beginning of April, before that January when I was told it was 50% complete. No contact since.

Great thread Irishjedi. I'm very curious to see who else is waiting and for how long.

Dave Carty


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Yep, one full sterling build up here too. I've waited since Novemeber 2004 with "yours is almost ready to go out" answere everytime I've asked about it. :( In my last mail I asked for an instant ship out of the blaster or a full re-fund. Never got an e-mail back. :(

Here's a break down of what I've paid, thank god that paypal keeps all old records.

$245 Sterling replica/with real end piece.
$30 Rubber grip material.
$20 Scope rail.
$25 Shipping.
Total: $320

Man, I soooo want this over with.



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9/13/04 paid in full for Sterling parts kit, machined tube and rebuild, with scope rail.

Also in the interim, one resin Sterling grip still owed, and some sort of make-good for display case issues.


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May 3rd '05 paid $360... for replica sterling ANH A2 blaster PLUS shipping as well.

Asked for a refund about 3 weeks ago following a trail of lies from Steve regarding completion. Now no replies at all :(


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Completed Sterling build up, converted to trooper blsater. It was a part trade/part cash deal that I completed over a year ago I imagine. I could check on specific dates, but it's not really that important...

Would love to get a current status.



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Also BTW Paypal is no use in this case

I complained to them about Steve and there's nothing they can do if it's over 45 days from the date of purchase


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Paid $34 on 08/02/05 for ROTJ Blaster Rails. Steve hasn't responded to emails ever since.

Hopefully this thread will be looked on as an informative one for Steve and not as an attack by others.


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90% ESB DH17 build up. One delay after another. Promises, promises...

Originally posted by Radiation Gloves@Sep 26 2005, 11:23 PM
Paid in full for a modded hasbro Stormtrooper blaster - have asked for refund but heard nothing yet.



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So far $700 for a stormtrooper build up....and I also ordered a solo blaster and cases for both........I was told they would ship halloween...my total is $940...and I am not sending any more money.....I also used paypal...



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• Sterling Case
• Custom case (about the size of the Gentle Giant cases)
• refund on custom stands that can't be made.

He keeps saying he'll try to get it out "next week" but I haven't seen anything in close to a year. The only item I'm really wanting now is the Sterling case. Refunds for the other two would be fine.


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Does anybody have an e-mail addres to him that he's using? Aperantly the one I've been using is no good.

Also, I think it might be a good idea if Steve posted a numbered list here on the board with everybodys name on it. That way we cold see who's in line for delivery. Personally I was pissed as hell when saw people recieving stuff from him and they had only been waiting for a couple of months..??



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I paid for an E-11 case on the 20th march 2004, by november this had not arrived so i cancelled that order and changed it for the ROTJ Kenner conversion kit, paying the additional costs via paypal on 9th December 2004.

I have been told two or three times that it is leaving at the end of the week only to be told that some parts still haven't been done and it will be done shortly.......... i don't mind waiting for things that are worth waiting for but damn. even i didn't realise it had been this long until i checked paypal.

after the last thread that was on here a few weeks ago i recieved a PM saying that it will be done shortly, but that is it.. no answers to any emails.

I want my kit.. If it's easier i'd settle for the 8 piece ANH Kenner conversion kit instead....

i'm Pee'd about this cos i keep sending other UKG members to Steve and they all have their kits/blasters and i'm the one still waiting.



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Originally posted by STEVE THE SWEDE@Sep 27 2005, 03:34 AM
Personally I was pissed as hell when saw people recieving stuff from him and they had only been waiting for a couple of months..??

I agree with you. I was told last winter that he wasn't shipping cases because the acrylic was breaking. That was fine. I'd rather get it in one piece. Now I've been waiting ever since the weathered warmed up and I haven't gotten anything. :( It's going to be cold again soon.


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It is distressing that, given the timeframes given in some of these posts, that he continued taking orders long after he had publicly admitted and apologized for being very, very behind on fulfillment.


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Well, even if I´m still confident to get my stuff...here´s what I ordered:

- a machined ROTJ DH17 receiver
- a set of sa GK scope-rings
- a few resin Sterling Parts (were promised to compensate the wait)
- a real STerling endcap
- Trigger assemblies and metal grip frames

Some parts were ordered back in 2004.

Please keep in mind that STeve told us he´s having some private problems to handle. His delays started when the problems begun...fall of 2004.

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