What do you suppose the Key to Heaven looks like?


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I am a big fan of the Key to Hell prop that DC Direct put out about... Oh a decade or so ago. It was pretty cool, looked like the comic version even though I hadn't read the comics, and generally seemed like a pretty nifty piece.

I was thinking about it today, and realized that while I have read some of the vertigo comics, I haven't seen or heard reference to a Key of Heaven. So, since I am already planning on making the Key to Hell, why not make a matching set?

Since this is something that I haven't seen drawn, and haven't seen reference of, it's going to end up being a custom build, but I was wondering what other people thought it might look like. I don't have a final design in mind for it, and who knows, maybe someone here has a nifty design idea that I didn't think of.

So... What do you think the Key to Heaven would look like?

The KTH is ... Well, sort of bone looking, and has a distinct fleshy/mummified look to it. I think the KTH would be something simple, shiny, and sort of otherworldly. Thinking maybe gold, or at least silver colored, maybe a faceted crystal for the body or the end of the key for the lock portion. Possibly pearl since it's probably going to go to the pearly gates :)

Just floating some ideas out there, so if you have one, feel free to share!

For anyone who's wondering, here's a photo of the Key to Hell.

I would think it'd be made from Electrum and probably/possibly trimmed with the various 12 "precious stones" referred to as composing the foundations for the various gates.
1st: Jasper
2nd: Sapphire
3rd: Chalcedony
4th: Emerald
5th: Onyx
6th: Carnelian
7th: Chrysolite
8th: Beryl
9th: Topaz
10th: Chrysoprase
11th: Jacinth
12th: Amethyst
Alternately, there could be a slightly different key for each gate with a "master" key trimmed in pearl.
you'd get to sell more keys that way... :lol
I figured it wouldn't be a clapper remote, cause of all the choirs singing ;)

Still doodling out ideas. I figure if the Hell key is about 9" or so, the Heaven key has gotta be about the same size.

Not looking to sell these, so no need for the holy keychain :lol

Just can't seem to lock down a design for it....

Have a look at the door and the lock, that's the way to figure out what the key is. You'ill find the door at the top of the Stairway to Heaven. I hear some lady is trying to buy it.:)

Seriously.: Check out Davinci...his stuff might give you a design direction.
There's no Key to Heaven, as there's no lock on the Pearly Gates. The lock to the door in Hell is to keep the damned in, not anyone else out.
Well, then I guess the question is "What WOULD the Key of Heaven look like, if such a thing were needed/existed?"

I think the gates have a lock, personally. Gotta keep out the riff raff and make sure to delay that pizza dude by a few minutes to get the free pizza :lol

Can't decide if I wanna go an "otherworldly gold crystal abomination of bling", a "looks like an arizona flea market blew up and this was the shrapnel", or a more natural wooden/garden style for it...

I think there's a key to eden, cause there's an angel guarding it, and that might be my next project :)

Right now though, stuck on what this thing would look like...

Clutch, I'd imagine the key would be able to act a little better than ScarJo :lol, least it wouldn't be a stiff with delivery (that's what she said!) :lol

I would say something humble, as would be those who wish to enter. Maybe a key that looks like it was carved from stone. A Last Crusade Holy Grail inspired design

Although, the Ark of the Covenant is supposed to be rather ornate and designed by God, so maybe a key inspired by that. Also thinking some ivory or white marble would look good with the gold, but nothing too gawdy.

I don't know which I would go with though.
Yea, but they are boring :(

Dunno if I wanna go simple design (aka elegant) or just balls out crazy like the Key to Hell is.

Since I threw your post off a bit with some jokes I thought I better offer you some serious help.
You seem to like all the texture of the Hell key, I put together the design below to include sharp coarse elements.
The big idea is the ugly nails, rope and thorns at the top transforming down to the refined perfect gold cross at the end.
You could use the nails, rope and thorns in any radial configuration, and that refined gold cross in any clean configuration.

So it respects the religious belief in suffering leading to glory, while letting you have your shapes, texture and interest.

Plus you can make it with blacksmiths nails and twisted copper wire and then solder it all togeather.Fun. Even get real gold for the end. (OK, maybe silver).


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Interesting design... I wasn't thinking any kind of iconography when I was planning the design out. I wasn't thinking cross, or saint, or nails, etc. I was leaning towards something that was more "otherworldly" and maybe splashed with some Enocian sigils.

I didn't mind the jokes either. God knows (hah! pun!) you can't have a thread on the forum without em showing up sooner or later :lol

Thanks for the idea!
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