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    This forum is dedicated to the discussion and sharing of free paper props.

    Please follow these guidelines.

    1) Each movie/TV show/VG will have only one thread that will contain all of it's paper props.

    2) Use the movie/TV show/VG title that is listed in the Internet Movie Database. www.imdb.com

    3) If the title begins with "The" start the title with the next word and place ", The" at the end. ("The Dark Knight" would be "Dark Knight, The").

    4) In the case of remakes/re-imagining with identical titles, using the year for movies and TOS for TV shows will be the preferred method to distinguish one from another. (Batman 1989, Battlestar Galactica: TOS)

    5) When posting a paper prop, please be as descriptive as possible so that it will be easy to find via the search feature.

    6) PLEASE SEARCH BEFORE CREATING A NEW THREAD. You can sort the threads alphabetically by title using the "Display Options" located in the lower left of the Paper Props main screen.


    8) Do not post images with watermarks, or post items that you are trying to sell. Also, do not post asking for members to pm/email you for access to your items. If you want to share a free paper prop, post it in the thread for everyone.

    9) These paper props are being offered by the membership to the membership for free. It is a violation of the MGL to attempt to sell any of these items.

    The Community Guidelines have been amended to reflect this rule. Please review the changes under Selling/trading of recast items"


    Thank you, and enjoy the forum!

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