Weeping Angel at Aninite 2011 in Austria (Image heavy)


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Being a Dr. Who fan and a Weeping Angel one , I though about creating my own Weeping Angel cosplay for Austria's largest cosplay convention in Vienna :cool

Unfortunately Dr. Who is pretty unknown in Austria yet it still seems more and more people get to know and love it, anyhow it hurts if people think you're a Gargoyle :confused

It was pretty much work but 100% worth it and it's not as hot as one might think ;)


Attacking Weeping Angel

2nd one, inside the convention location:

Group Cosplay in front of the loctation (not a 100% perfect picture, you see my shoetip :( )

brilliant work, i made the mask for my son years ago now, but the whole costume you created looks brilliant!
Looks amazing! My daughter would LOVE to be a Weeping Angel for Halloween! The mask is excellent!
I love the costume. The only problem is, I'm afraid to look away from it. I keep hearing the Doctor saying "Blink and you're dead."

Really top notch work you've done.


Yeah, the crack on the costume is painted, just a black line surrounded by a white lines, gives that high/low 3d effect.

The skin paint job was done with different sponges and water based bodypainting color.
Takes a bit over an hour to get it done, but it's really not that difficult, don't take too much water and dab lightly on the skin. I then did highlight some muscles and tendons with white color
Just came back from our of the biggest conventions in Germany, Connichi, with some new cool weeping angel pictures , for your pleasure :)
Very nice. I don't know why anyone would hate on gargoyles, but your angel looks great. Can you share what you did for the hair and wings?
Oh thats simply superb work. :D My friend worked on the wings for the first version of the Angels for the show, and you've managed to recreate them beautifully.
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