Hi guys,

Ive been trying to use the search tool here on the website to search for anything on how to "weather" the suits,, make it look a little used.. damaged. but no luck

atm Im working om my iron man suit, any1 know any good vids/tuts .

Thanks in advance


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weathering on iron man suits is generally done with silver paint if i recall
you brush it on the edges, with a paper towel or sponge or something similar
that way it looks like the color is missing there


Crossing my fingers for Stealth´s soon to come video bout painting foam will ahve a short seg about wathering :p

If not I will use same tech as when I painted WH back in teh day.. ink with water :p


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There are many different methods but just test out a few things on scrap material to get what looks best.

I prefer to drybrush silver paint over the edges, good weathering really makes a prop or costume look real. Don't overdo it though! Only weather places that would get real life wear and tear.
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