Waterslide decals - transfers?


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Hi, I'm in the final stages of a project and I'm looking for anywhere that could make me some water slide decals.
I need a clean finish with a gold color that has a slight sheen to it.

Anyone know of any places?

this is what I'm looking to reproduce in a diameter of 18mm

spectrum badge.JPG



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A company called "Micro-Mark" sells waterslide decal paper for use in ink jet and laser printers. If the white border is needed on the logo, you will need to get the white paper as apposed to the clear.
There is also a type of printer (brand name of ALPS) that does a great job with this process, but a regular ink jet will give decent results with a few tries. You will have to experiment with print qualities and paper type setting s for your specific printer and will also have to clearcoate the decal after the ink is dry so you can water slide it.
Good thing is if it doesn't look right the first time you print it, a damp cloth will clear the image right off and you can start over in a few minutes.
Hope this helps.
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