Warhammer 40K Inquisitorial Rosette


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Just started messing around with 123d Design, and have thrown this together. The skull part is a section of a skull that has been designed previously. The colours are just to make it look a little nicer before putting it here.

I should be printing this quite soon so I'll see how clear the text and aquila come out.

I vaguely predicted the small polygons wouldnt print very well, and the lettering would be a gamble. I lost the gamble and was right about the polygons. The rest came out OK however, the through the toughness of ABS, I simply sanded back the lettering and the polygons. So this is now ready to re-print detail pieces if needed and chemical weld more detail with acetone, however I might be at the limits of the detail on my particular printer.

I printed the skull section seperately after I modelled in my own support underneath the teeth etc. Then I acetone welded the skull to the main body.



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Not particularly expensive for my stuff no. I bought a cheap initial printer (£500) which is the Da Vinci 1.0. However the cartridge filament is more expensive than normal filament (£30 per 600g roll)

However I do not print out every day so I dont use lots of plastic. Just as a hobby.
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