War of the Worlds


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Hello folks,

A friend of mine told me about a discussion on here about the War Machines from the new War of the Worlds.

Are any companies planning to make a model kit of them? Has anyone been scratch-building one?

I'm just curious.



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I was interested in one of the New ones as well- but I have heard and seen nothing--suprising since the movie did so well at the box office...


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Gone but not forgotten.
Gotta' admit his latest posting of pictures
are VERY IMPRESSIVE .. :love

I may find myself sticking a crowbar
in my wallet for one of those after all ..


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Originally posted by xeno@Dec 18 2005, 10:50 PM
looks great ..

love to see these drawings he is working with,

Looks like the Ryan Church drawings. Would love to have those in high resolution too.

I think the kit looks great. Any word on the scale? $300 would suggest a limited run, or am I wrong to assume this?

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Judging from the pix with the keyboard I'd say it looks to be in the 18" range, maybe 24".

Far to small for that price tag.


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Just found a thread on this over at SSM Forum.

The tripod kit will be about 24" tall, it is the smaller tripod that is first seen in the movie, not the larger one that is in the river later.
It will be cast solid, not translucent, except for three plastic hemispheres.
No exact number of parts yet.

The price looks to be about $300.00 +Shipping,..there will be a large triangular base offered (no pics yet) but that may be an additional charge.

He will also offer them assembled and painted as well, but they will be pricey.

It looks to be about a month away before availability, but with Randy, it can change overnight. He may get a "boost" and finish it all in a week.
He would also like to invite anyone that thinks they may have some reference shots that he is missing ,based on what is seen in the pics, to offer accurizing tips.
More info.

Reinforcing the legs won't work out because of the three little feet at the end of the legs, so he is going to include the base and a metal rod to attach it and hold this monster up.

He is working on the basket as we speak.

HO scale is close enough to work for its size.

It will have a neat plaque to go with the base.

Aproximate completion date is Jan 1.

He is experimenting with offering a clear cast body, for lighting, but don't count that just yet.

I am sure he will offer a built/painted version, but they will be custom, and not cheap. I am guessing 1K$ or more based on his previous work.


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looks good to me.
300.00 is still cheaper than building one from scratch.
the detail looks spot on to what I,ve seen.
I just may sign on for one.


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Beautiful model, but $300 is a little too much for something I can't wear or fight with. I won't be competeing for one of these kits. I do wish all of you guys the best of luck in grabbing one. Please post pics of completed kits once they are out. I'd love to see 'em.


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Originally posted by division 6@Dec 22 2005, 06:28 PM
Judging from the pix with the keyboard I'd say it looks to be in the 18" range, maybe 24".

Far to small for that price tag.


I have to agree, which is sad :(