w00h00!!! proud new owner of superman returns kryptonite #546!!

Discussion in 'DC Costumes and Props' started by hydin, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. hydin

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    man, im jazzed :D

    got it in today, and its actually one of the few "props" i have that i can say "its worth every damned penny".

    although, minor bitch point to sideshow... why not include instructions? granted a light up base is awesome but it kinda sucks when you have to figure out how to light it up yourself. found the switch totally by luck. its not really brain squeezingly hard, but it did amount to a few "wtf?"s being uttered. kudos for including the batteries as well. nothing ruins that christmasy feeling moreso than "batteries not included".

    the prop may have been cast off the screen used, if kevin spacey has sort of tiny hands. all in all though, its a great piece. i want to mod mine a little to let the actual shard glow a bit, but im a little hesitant since its an "official" collectible. i was surprised to see the base "recast" from the dc direct K from a few years back. i thought they would go custom, but i guess the molds are still looking pretty nice.

    its one hell of a neat glowing hunk of rock though ;)


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    But yet you posted no pics. :confused Why do you torture me? :D

    Rudy G.
  3. hydin

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    quick/dirty pics :)


    all in all, im really happy with it. i can understand why the shard is so small, cause if it was movie sized it would be about a foot or so long, and wayyyyy too huge for a display like this. i was very surprised to see lots of tiny airbubbles in the shard though. you cant really see em unless you are peeking at it from 6 inches away, but its still strange to see em.

    i tried some pics without a flash to get the glow done, but frankly they kind of sucked, so i didnt include em. ill try some cell pics later.

  4. hydin

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    cell pic.

    glowy, my cam phone sucks, but it gets the job done. i thought about a video capture but wouldnt want to give away the WONDERFUL SECRET OF THE ON/OFF SWITCH, plus i dunno if it would be compatible with everyones players. ;)

    and ze pic.

    yep, glowy is good :D

  5. CTF

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    It looks pretty much like the shiv that Luthor carrys... The top half anyway.


    Maybe it's the peice that snaps off into Supes?

    Very cool, Chris. :) I like all your Kryptonite goodness you've got.
  6. hydin

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    yea, lord knows i have my share of green crystals around :lol

    supes spoilers....

    i thought so at first, but then i remembered when lois pulled it out and the damned thing was longer than the piece he got stabbed with. the one lex slipped into his pocket was a little bit wider and longer than this, unless kevin spacey has tiny girly hands.

    end o spoilers :)

  7. gavidoc

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    but dude, trim those claws. ;)
  8. Stormer

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    very nice indeed, and i as well thought of the peice lex "uses" when i saw it myself, it looks very similar
  9. Darth Lars

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    <div class='quotetop'>(hydin @ Jul 7 2006, 06:49 AM) [snapback]1275710[/snapback]</div>
    Let me guess, it is the cube under the logo?
  10. scattrap

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    That is crazy cool. It dose look very similar to the fragment used in the film. I love the base too.
  11. Super Serg

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    Sideshow created this?


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