Visor materials in Australia?


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Hi all putting a shout out to Australia members asking if anyone can recommend materials and suppliers for clear (an/or tinted visor) materials, I am nearing the visor stage of my Tron Evolution Anon helmet and also starting my CLU helmet and looking for somewhere that doesn't charge a bloody fortune for materials.

P.S. am located Northern NSW near Queensland border so not too far from Gold Coast and Brisbane.
forget local, gonna have to go all internet on this thing.

there are places that do a lot of custom motorcycle helmets. what material do they use? could one of them do it for you?
I've checked Bunnings and a few other hardware outlets, no luck, the safety visors that I thought I could get and trim where $40! That's ridiculous for something I'm going to be cutting up. Only other options are acrylic plastic sheet but it's 3mm thick (bit too thick for my liking), I'll see if any other Aussies post before I commit to a purchase.
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