Vinyl-like mask making material?


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I am making a mask and am trying to decide what I should cast it with. Is there a material that when cured is like very flexible plastic? Ideal would be how "cheapo" Halloween masks are made nowadays - like the president masks. Anybody know of anything like that?


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Or you can do your mold out of Ultra cal and dwell your latex, get a perfect even coat and way less work. ;) Just remember to account for at least 5_7% shrinkage. Or if it only needs to be one color you can do a silicone mold and do a urethane cast. Which could be painted but not near as easy as latex.


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Ok - well, first off - thanks for the replies. I've never cast anything in latex before - what is the ideal molding material for latex?

And Finhead - what do you mean by "dwell"? (Yeah, I'm new at this, LOL). The mask I am casting will definitely need painting.

I saw some people in an old post talking about smooth-on "flex foam 17" - for flexible armor, etc. Anyone use that?


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Ive done latex in stone, clay and silicone molds. Trick is to tint the latex close to the base color as possible, to speed up dry time hit it with a heat gun as you brush it or do it in the sun. You can build up many layers and back it with power netting or even Burlap.
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