Solar Surfer Board material ideas


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I want to make a life sized Solar Surfer like the one in Treasure Planet. I am a fairly new a cosplayer and am unsure what the best material would be for the board and the engine. I was thinking maybe someone sort of Styrofoam buy am unsure if that could hold my weight? I am planning on using ovc pipes for the mast and cloth for the sail. I was thinking a surf board but that would be both expensive and heavy. I am going to mount it on either skateboard wheels or casters. Any thoughts?


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From what I can tell, it looks like it made of wood in the show. That would probably work for you to be cheap and stable. You could paint it to look hiw you eant, or potentially incorporate the nature woofmd grain.

Casters are cheaper.than trucks too, but may sacrifice some steerabilty. You also would probably need a few sets along the length to keep it from bowing.

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