vintage looking paper what to search for ?


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sorry wasnt sure what forum to ask in-

i want to remake a paper instruction manual from 1920 , clearly a sheet of new modern paper wont have that look to , id like something a little thicker, maybe off white , without it looking like a 400 year old pirate map

any ideas what to search for please
Hey! I'm new to prop making but have made more than a few journals in my time. Sorry if this is a late reply, hopefully it's still helpful....

I wouldn't search for laid paper. The fact is that instruction pages would have come from paper mills in that era, just like today, and hand laid paper would have been too expensive.

I would look at higher end ranges from old companies that are still in business from that era.

As for the right paper for your project, may I make a recommendation?

Firstly, paper weight: US standards are outright confusing. Metric is a lot easier, but not every paper maker lists metric for paper weight (GSM, or Grams per Square Meter.)

Generally, copy or low end printer paper is rated at 20 lb bond / 60 lb text / 75 GSM

Card stock typically runs above 130-160 GSM.

A heavier weight paper, like 24 lb bond / 70 lb text / 90 GSM or 28 lb bond / 80 lb text / 105 GSM, will feel more authentic to the era. I wouldn't go any higher, though.

My recommendation is a paper called Mohawk Superfine. It comes in 70lb T / 90 GSM or 80 lb T / 105 GSM, along with heavier weights, and comes in super white, white (which is slightly ivory colored), and cream colors. The maker is old and was in business during the era you describe, so could legitimately have made the stock for the original.

You can buy individual sheets at for a buck or two, and they have multiple sizes available, from 8.5x11" up to 28 x 35" in some weights.

From there, you can decide what color paper you want (I'd avoid "super white", but that's down to preference).

Link to explore (not affiliated, just someone who loves paper) -

I hope this was useful!

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