VIDEO: The Las Vegas Sphere, for when IMAX just isn't enough


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So it has/will have interior seating for up several thousand spectators.

Over 30 feet tall, over 500 feet in diameter.

July 4, 2023 was its official debut.

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My fav so far( until they do a death star) is this:
Also I think it seats about 20,000 (maybe a few more for standing room capacity)

17,000 dumb people who fall for a mindless gimmick.
Eh, it’s as much of a gimmick as any other arena you would see concerts, sports, awards shows, and residencys. But it IS “Vegas baby, Vegas!!”

The outside of it is not the show it’s a billboard.
Heading out there to see it with my son in November, couldn’t be more excited. I am not the smartest tool in the shed but he is a fairly sharp cat, so maybe that day the ratio will be 16,999 to 1.

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