Video Link To 5/8" Backer Rod Fluidity On Modified Rubies


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someone asked on a forum I cannot seem to find anymore how the fluidity of the backer rod is after cut & used for dreads. I am working on my first suit build by modifying a Rubies Deluxe and have used 5/8" backer rod cut in 24" length, I used 1/2" hot water pvc couplings painted in copper hammered finish and they seem to have given the dreads the perfect amount of weight, I hope whoever was asking for this fnds this video & helps answer their question as well as any noobs working on their project too, thank you guys & gals. :)
The video is down below, comments welcome.

Wanted to thank you for posting this! Very inspirational as I was unsure what size rods to use. Decided on the 5/8 based on your video. What type of paint did you use on the pvc? I am concerned about chipping so wanted to get your thoughts on that.
It should perhaps be noted that in the real world the dreads will not swing like that----the cannon and backpack will get in the way.

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