VIDEO GAME item Replicas

Er...if memory serves, roughly the size of one of those big yard trampolines.

For instance, this is an awful picture, but the quickest I could find. The circular hole in the center of that portal was once the Mirror of Twilight.


From the image looks to be about eight to ten foot diameter?

I made Purple Meteor from the LucasArts classic, Maniac Mansion. It's sorta a prop, even though I did a direct sprite representation instead of making it look real.
Made this for a friend I owed a favor to several years ago....I think the budget was about $50 or something like that. Lord Ghaleon...thats all I know.

I know it's gonna show up sometime but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on the hidden blade gauntlet from assassins creed 2, I like the design on this one alot. I'd alos like to see the dagger of time aswell :)


Earlier in this thread I mentioned some Zelda items I wanted so after a while I decided to try out making some of my own. And since this was the thread that gave me the idea I decided to post them here instead of starting a new one. So







I am working on the Ceremonial dagger from "Silent Hill: Homecoming". I finished the 3D model which i made using the polygon model i ripped from the game. Just need to add the runes to the model and i can have it CNC-ed.
And here's one person's opinion of Kingdom Hearts II vs Resident Evil 4 :) (NSFW - language)

YouTube - MC Pee Pants makes fun Kingdom Hearts and Resident Evil 4 (voice over with screenshots/videos)
YouTube - Mc Chris rants on KHII and RE4 (original standup)

Haha that's mc chris, I have a little picture of that guy jump kicking the head off a zombie tattooed on my forearm. I've met him a couple times, he's a really nice guy. If you're a fan of hip-hop I highly recommend checking him out. He does these rants at shows in-between songs. It's not traditional hip-hop but stuff more oriented towards nerds. He did a bunch of songs about the bounty hunters from Star Wars, here's one about IG-88:
YouTube - MC Chris - IG-88 (music video)

Back on topic:

Has anyone gotten ahold of one of those Master Sword replicas that seem to be EVERYWHERE on the internet these days. I'd really like to get one of the Dark Link versions but I was always worried they'd be crap since they're so (typically) cheap.
This is my Darkwatch costume from D*Con 2010. It's the Rifleman character with the rail gun weapon

RailGun, Rifle and Redeemer pistol
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