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Well, since there's a small but growing body of evidence that 3D printing resin fumes are not good for you, and there's zero evidence that it's beneficial for human health... here's a nice and very quiet Spanish-made bathroom fan inside my lightly soundproofed IKEA kitchen cabinet that is my printer enclosure! Vents outdoors.

Of course I managed to install the fan 90° rotated clockwise. Oops. Still works fine.

Anyway. Keeps heat buildup under control, and expels the smells. The cabinet is resting on sound-absorbing panels - corrugated cardboard filled with fine sand basically - and lined with foam pyramids.

I can now work in my office with the printer running and, if there's music playing, I barely notice it.

Well worth it, and recommended!

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For those who asked, it's a Envirovent Silent Design 100mm. £45.

I used the same one in my bathroom, only with a humidity sensor. So it powers up automatically only when needed. Amazing. And quite quiet.

My last place we had a freakin' awful fan that was deafening and went on when the light went on, and then stayed roaring away for 15 minutes thereafter. Needless to say not a great thing if anyone used the bathroom at night...

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