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Guys do you think this printer will print a decent studio scale X wing?
Screenshot_20221203-201255_Amazon Shopping.jpg
Depending on which files you are using, you might need to pay a visit to Meshmixer to chop a few of the larger parts down to a printable size first.

Yeah, basically, you can make things far bigger than your build area if you cut the model into pieces. I built a 1:500 scale refit NX-01 Enterprise (about 18" long), printed on an Ender 3. I had to cut the saucer section into two halves (down the middle, not top and bottom), so you have to glue, fill and sand more than you might if you have a larger print space, but it's doable. I've seen people build full size Robocop and Iron Man armor on home printers. I've even seen a guy 3D printing a full size Lamborghini with his son, so really, anything is possible.
Plus, when you print in smaller sections, you minimize the anount of time and materials wasted if you get a failed print or have to reprint for any reason.
Registration holes and pins help too - I didn't use any with my Enterprise and managed, but it will help alignment a lot.

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