Venom - Cosplay 2015


Hey everyone,

I decided to make a Venom cosplay for fun for the 1st day of the Con here in May in Ottawa. Now just a FYI, I did not use Black Caulking which I should of done but for my defense I didn't want to go outside at

Please leave comments and tell me what you think. Oh, I almost forgot, I create 2 accessories for this Cosplay. A spiderman web bag and a posable web.



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So finally got to finish my posable web and making a Venom hand with symbiote. Posted pictures of me using both. Leave your comments.
When I first started the suit I didn't really look into it that much. But I have a extra suit like this one. So basically I'm trying different things on here and then I will redo everything properly. Like have a good stencil logo a better web pattern and using black caulking instead, etc...
You should create whatever you want to create though,since there are no rules for cosplay.It's just that I've never seen it before.
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