Vader MPP lightsabers details and specifications

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It makes a long time since I wanted to create this thread, because I get several real mpps now, and I had the time to check the differences and take shots, of real (several versions) and fakes (parks, MR, other)
Sadly I couldn't get the larbel version, as I wouldn't spend lots of bucks buying a mr LE edition, so I have no photos of them.
I remember just the larbel is not as good as the parks, so I decided to concentrate only on what looks good, meaning the real stuff and parks replica.
Now, Wannawanga is offering a good quality emitter, feels a hole left because no company made a correct version of the clamp, either resin or metal versions.
I also know the best available clamp is the TCSS version, because of correct shape and design on lever, aluminum ring, and quite a big, but nice shaped activation box.
Other clamp replicas are ugly and most of the times aesthetically the weak point on mpp replicas, whatever version it is.

So, let's start with the original prop version, I refer on the now well known "hollywood museum ep 6 saber"
It's based on a real MPP flashgun, here are the caracteristics, from bottom to top:
-3 lines on black ring of pommel
-tapered black bars or the clamp, damaged lever
-large "B" hole type
-flat bolts button box version
-thick aluminum lever button box version
-thick walled (?!) straight shroud, repainted
-replacement shroud bolt, made from diamond point knurled lickel plated brass
-rounded bulb holder entry

Here is a picture of two real MPP and a parks replica with blastech shroud.
the top MPP is correct ESB version, the bottom MPP is wrong but the clamp has correct bars for a ANH version.

3vader s.png

The TCSS clamps is very close to the clamp on top real MPP, just the activator box is a bit higher and the taper a bit different, however it's very close and makes illusion once on the saber.
The Wannawanga shroud also makes illusion, because reallt close to a real deal, but also made from aluminum, unlike the blastech, made from cast black resin.
So, if you have to choose a MPP saber, the easiest way is to take a parks body, wannawanga shroud and TCSS clamp.
I will check my other pictures if I have additionnal informations, especially about the large and small "B " holes versions.

Sadly I checked my pictures nd didn't find the "B " holes comparations pics, I will check my old facebook discussion to try to get them.
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Here are additionnal informations:
-the clamp sleeve sometimes is light grey, as the small black button near the clamp, it can also be grey.
-the bulb entry is rounded but can also be sharp
you can see both details on the pictured flashgun.

Then, you can see the differences between a real and fake clamp, especially visible on the lever, but also general design, and especially the material, think glazed steel instead of thick glossy anodised aluminum.
There are aspect variations on original clamps, du to the tint used for anodisation, and anodisation bath, ca vary from less or more glossy, and reddish-purplish black color.

vader clampss.png

The levers also have aspect variation, less or more glossy, but always this shape.
The axis has a rounded end on lever side, but it's not systematical, it can also have a flat termination.
I have seen several clamp opening, the narrow opening have about 16 mm, and the large are about 18 or 19 mm (didn't measure, and sold the flashgun), the large opening clamp lever axis are also longer.
I had 3 different lever versions for now:
glossy lever with glossy short axis (pictured), glazed lever with short flat axis(not pictured) and unknown lever (absent) with glossy long rounded axis (pictured), in all cases the clamps are aluminum and levers are strong.


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Here is the "curved R" MPP plaque, for the moment I get only straight "R" plaques photo from Chaim.


And here you can see the parks shroud (photo slothfurnace)
The wall is thicker and the pattern has more a glossy look.
beside of it it's a heiland shroud, you can see the cut.
I think this kind of heiland shroud probably existed with both, straight and stepped versions.
The internal bulb holders are switchable between both brands, most of the pieces are the same.

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I found the original pics of straight and tapered clamps.

One glossy lever, narrow opening tapered bars, other is glazed lever wide opening straight bars.
The levers axis have different lenght.
One lever is "flat type", but I mak have mistaken and not remember correctly, because is appears rounded but rough, not glossy.
I may have confused it with a flat axis I saw on my blastech clamp, don't remember.

10561881_665567140180640_544076972_o.jpg 10555521_665566556847365_1544734009_o.jpg

You can also see the glue inside the clamp, once the sleeve is removed:

The brownish color is typical, the sleeve has rounded ends with unvisible or almost visible lines.
The replicas are cast, and have more sharp ends with some lines visible.
There is no glue on parks replicas, I don't know if there is glue on TCSS replica.

- - - Updated - - -

The ultimate MPP thread ... thanks for your research parfaitelumiere ... looking forward to your MPP vs Parks comparison :)


Check the first picture...

Luke the Belter

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Great pictures and comparison.
The shroud from the museum pics doesn't look as if it was wrinkle painted ever :eek what time and handling could do to those parts.

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Great thread. Are all Parks missing the inner black plastic connector and bolt, or just that particular one in that photo?


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Yes the plastic is present on parks, sorry I didn't specify, but here it's absent because I get the clamp wothout plastic sleeve.

This park is from a friend, he has lost parts (he lost clamp, and the black cone inside, by trying to include some leds inside), he asked me to make a quite accurate vader from these parks pieces.
I had a too short heiland, with blastech replica clamp and shroud ,and original cone, I placed the heiland cone and replica clamp on the parks from the friend, sadly I had no sleeve.
You can see it with a blastech shroud it was a attempt, O offered hom to take the blastech shroud because it was better, but he wanted to keep a aluminum shroud, so I finally left the priginal parks on it.
I sold the replica blastech on a real MPP with missing shroud.


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From what I understand, aren't the TCSS clamps made by Parks? My Parks MPP has the same clamp as one I purchased from TCSS. I believe he also makes the logoless Graflex clamps for them. He does seem to update his designs, which would explain why the Parks clamp you have is different; it must be an older model.


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You have to get this version of replica clamp:
And yes I saw same design on the parks website, and one parks sold a couple of days ago had same clamp model, however I have never seen these parks clamps in real on parks MPP I get in hand, but I saw a similar clamp on a custom saber using TCSS MPP clamp.
I don't remember if I asked the guy when he gets this clamp, looked like this:

3 ways possible:
-both on photos are older versions and now have changed (if so, no way to get a decent new clamp either parks or TCSS)?
-older versions were not that good, newer versions are good (if so, really good news, possible to get good stuff in parks and TCSS shop)?
-the productions is variable, with several makers (in that case it can be very difficult to get sure what we get, without asking a pic of the current item we want to buy)?

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Hope you will produce some MPP clamps in the future, checked your shrouds, really good, as the bubble strips are very nice and not expensive regarding the quality, when you know the other makers sell for 10$ or so, and I wouldn't give 10p, yours is a steal!

If you plan to make a clamp, please take care about the slope shape, I can provide additionnal photos if you need it.
You can also make a special set of bars, rectangular shaped, with the bacl rough from machining after anodisation, it can make both ANH versions in one single clamp.


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Great thread! Would it be possible to label the different versions in the pics? It would help keep it all straight.
Many thanks for spending your time on this informational post.


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I'll add my two cents and note, as I discovered with my MPP that there appears to be a clamp variant as well... One that is slightly smaller than a regular clamp and does not have the plastic "sleeve" underneath it. Here's my clamp in comparison to a Parks replica clamp:




As as you can see, the diameter of my clamp is slightly smaller than the Parks replica... Not a lot smaller, but enough that I couldn't fit the Parks sleeve underneath it and still close the clamp on the flash tube.

You'll also note that the side bars on the Parks replica are rounded on the ends and square on the side while the ones on my real clamp are trapezoid shaped both on the side and on the ends...
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