"V" Mothership and shuttle


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Hi. Does anyone know if there were any model kits ever made for the "V" mothership and the shuttles made? I believe there were maybe toys made. Or am I off on some really weird tangent because I recently bought the series on dvd? Thanks.



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Hey Everybody. I don't know if anybody's still interested in this, but I wanted to get this page out to all you V Fans out there.

DMT Temp Website

These models are absolutely fantastic.


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Wow. Those are nice.

Any idea of their scale? Or their length? They sort of look like they might be 1/72 scale, but there's nothing definitive about items in the background.


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Hey again. These models are in 1/87th scale for any of you still wondering. And yes, they are pre-built and painted and decalled with great detail.


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I would *really* like to get my hands on a shuttle, or even just a Skyfighter...particularly since they are 1/87th scale.

See, I'm doing a HO train layout.....and it'd be cool to have one of those ships sitting somewhere on it.