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Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by soltic, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. soltic

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    Juiced on the idea of finally doing a good USCM outfit, & just starting research.

    As far as armor & pulse rifle etc., I've noted Spatcave & GA - just wondering if there were any other recommendations RPF members would have.

    Also wondering if there are any specific forums any RPF'ers would direct me to.

    PM me if u wish, thanking all in advance.

    -Rod :thumbsup
  2. SWFreak

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  3. soltic

    soltic Active Member

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    Thanks SWf....

    .. vrooooommmm...... :D
  4. Studio Stasis

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    My friend Brian has a full set of USCM armor for sale for cheap. He just never built a costume. Its just in a box, and has been for two years. Here are some pics. We werent crazy about the original paint job, but that could be redone super easy.

  5. saber_holder

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  6. falken108

    falken108 Well-Known Member

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    SPat armour is great.
    I have no complaints with mine.
    Wearable right out of the box as well.
    Aliens legacy is a great place for lots of info.
    And if you happen to be looking for a resin cast in black Gerber MKII send me a pm.
  7. JP05

    JP05 Well-Known Member

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    STAY AWAY FROM GA ...................

    STAY AWAY FROM GA ..................
  8. pnerves

    pnerves New Member

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    Could you define cheap?
  9. SethB6025

    SethB6025 Well-Known Member

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    Go for the Spatcave stuff.
  10. Durasteel Corporation

    Durasteel Corporation Well-Known Member

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    I think we agree JP. Indeed I was screwed by Chris Adrian.

    I sent him thousands of dollars worth of armor I built for so-called screen used items....what I got was fanmade, but worse it was chipping, thin, cheap fiberglass .....trash....warped and pitted to hell. I called him about the helmet which he said was the "full size deluxe" (this was about 6 or 7 year ago I should note) and it was nothing more than a warped vinyl cast in cheap thin chipping fiberglass. I got one shipment of stuff despite the agreement of a more....

    Unless he has changed his ways, I found him to be less than forthright.

    But people do change. So, I dunno.
  11. armourerdoug

    armourerdoug New Member

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    I have still got a set of moulds for Dietich the Medics armour, we moulded the original stunt set for use at Alien War London, was all above board as we were given the go ahead from 20th C FOX, PM me if you want to know any details
    The Aliens Legacy is THE place for you to go and Spats armour is very good


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