Aliens USCM Armor patterns / Dimensions for CAD?


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I'm looking for any Details on the armor that is screen accurate as possible so I can CAD up a set of STLs for this build. I'm looking to create the entire suit from Shin guards, codpiece, to the details of the shoulder connections. ANY patterns (eva foam, pepakura, etc) links would be appreciated!
I just saw them like last week. Click on the pancakes in the upper left. Then click resources... I think. Lots of stuff there for Aliens but maybe not this exact one. Update: sorry didnt see the one already replied.
Very curious if anything came of this, I've been bit by the Fusion360 bug, and am considering doing the same. The only models I have found are terrrrrrrible meshes ( for $90 ), that seem ripped from videogame assets.

A proper CAD design would be clutch for fans!
Did you make any progress on these?
Yes, I worked a bit with a guy from the UK on his files. They needed a bit of work to get them usuable but I think he is done with them now. The ONE thing that I discovered in doing this with 3D printing is that the opo riviting can crack through the shells so I had him thicken the chest plates to 5 mm thick and they still cracked. go here.... Log into Facebook

and here Log into Facebook

and here:

Excellent! Yep, even the vacformed stuff we ordered started getting some stress fractures around the rivet holes with min-medium usage, and nothing too crazy. We started using Chicago screws and placing small rubber O-rings under the flange to take up some wear and tear.
Yes I have. There are pdf outlines/templates for cutting out of sheet materials and pep files for doing similar but as far as I can find there are no 3D CAD files that would allow someone to just print a set on a 3d printer.
From the discussion above there may be some on facebook as Badjer1983 makes a comment about thickening the model to 5mm but as mentioned previously if you don't use facebook then you cant even find them to take a look at them.

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