Uruk-hai WIP

Templar Knight

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Hello everyone,

I am a completely new to this site not even a lurker for several years however I thought it best to join to share pictures and accounts of my new project. I will be making an Uruk-hai mask and a full suit of swordsmen armour to complete it to be worn by myself. Not aiming for any event of even going to set a deadline for when it will be complete because I will probably miss it anyway lol. For starters though I have begun the sculpt for the mask in Chavant NSP Medium. I am new at sculpting in clay so am learning as I go, this is the biggest and most complex item I am attempting so all advice is most welcome. I do have a back ground in metal so am looking to compensate flaws in the mask with great looking armour all done from steel with a forge finish for the mass produced orc foundry look. To keep the thread tidy I am going to post only the best few photos in here but have all progress pics in a photobucket album which I will share the link to.

Uruk-hai Costume pictures by MPFFPM - Photobucket
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