Upcoming Piranha 3D Wardrobe


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Hello Fellow Collectors!

I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. I've been a collector for roundabout 10ish years, lover of all things movie related since as far back as I can remember but my genre of choice has always been horror.

I'd like to share my recent acquisitions from the upcoming Piranha 3D movie scheduled to release in August. I'm usually a bit hesitant to buy from unseen movies but when I heard this was to be one of the bloodiest movies ever, I just couldn't resist. A big budget, cheezy, summer gorefest???? and in 3D!!!??? :lol

The first outfit is worn by Elizabeth Shue as Sheriff Julie Forester. It consists of a bloody taupe tank top & bloody, ripped (in the butt) Sheriff pants (Super cool find in the pocket were 2 hair pins).

The second Hero outfit is worn by Steven R. McQueen (Grandson of the late Steve McQueen and currently on The Vampire Diaries) who playes Jake Forester. Jake is the son of Sheriff Julie. The outfit consists of bloody grey t-shirt, s/s button up shirt and green shorts (blood on the waistband).

Thanks for looking! -Chris
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